The Meet & Greet*

The Meet & Greet visit is to help us acquaint ourselves with you and your dog. At this visit we will have your Virginia Highlands dog walker establish your dog’s initial needs and we guarantee we’ll give them lots of belly rubs!

*A Meet & Greet is required to begin service with The Dog Walking Company


15 Minutes

15 minute dog walking$18

This visit is suitable for the dog that doesn’t require much exercise. In some cases, this visit can be used primarily for a potty walk, or if your energetic dog just needs a walk around the block!

30 Minutes

30 minute dog walking$23

Our thirty minute walks are best for dogs with normal energy levels. We recommend this walk for those dogs that need a moderate amount of exercise. If you would like us to run with your dog, this is the visit we recommend! This visit is great for clients who work long hours or for those dogs that just need a lot of attention.

60 Minutes

dog walking by the hour$32

The hour-long is geared towards dogs that are highly energetic. Typically, during this visit, your dog will get a nice walk or run, some play time or an outing on a nearby trail or park, and some one on one time with their dog walker. The objective of the 60 minute visit is to calm down a high energy dog in a healthy and safe manner.


*Emergency Visits, Overnight Stays and Pet Transports

Extra services are provided exclusively to our regular dog walking clients. See information below.

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*Emergency Visits:

If you have to work late one night, are stuck in a meeting longer than expected, had a family emergency one night, etc… and need some extra help, just reach out to us and we can help! Even if it’s last minute! We are happy to help you feed, potty, exercise or medicate or whatever your dog desires! Prices vary based on length of visit.

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*Overnight Stays – $75:

This extra service is ideal for when you go out of town and want someone to care for your home and your pets. With this service, your pup isn’t left alone for too long, your plants get watered and your mail is brought in! We guarantee a minimum of a 12 hour nightly stay plus some puppy playtime and cuddles before bed along with feeding and pottying in the morning and evening.

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*Pet Transports:

Does your dog need a ride somewhere but you’re stuck at work? No problem, we’ve got you covered with our pet transport services. Give us a call to discuss further! Prices vary based on length of service.

Not sure which visit is best for you and your dog? Give us a call and we can help you narrow it down! Each session can be tailored to your dog’s needs and abilities.

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We offer different dog walking plans to fit your needs. Just let us get to know you and your dog and make your life easier.